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What is Buzmel?

Buzmel Animation Distribution is a now defunct animation distributor here in the U.S. They were in business from 1985 to 2001. Distributing classics such as Glitterblood, Demon Forest: Home Again, The Terrible Life of Alferd Packer, and so on. Hitting their peak in the eary 90s, Buzmel fell into bankruptcy by the end of 2001. Their impact on the history of anime and other international animation has sadly been lost to history. This site is an effort to uncover and record that history.

Is Buzmel Animation officially back?

Yes and no. While we own the official trademark and intellectual property of Buzmel Animation, we have no plans to release anything. This partially due to the difficulty in finding current copyright holders, lost/outdated contracts, and costs of restoration. Primari, this is because a majority of Buzmel Animation is lost media.

Who are you?

I'm just a really big fan of animation and animation history. I came across early Buzmel media at an estate sale just before the Pandemic. I was lucky enough to find a relative of an original employee who had inherited the rights and a small storage unit. I was able to borrow some cash from friends and buy the property soon fterwards. Now, I'm sharing the history in my spare time on evenings and weekends.

Animation production cel from Demon Forst: Home Again. Spooky girl in the woods with spooky creatures. Animation production cel from Glitterblood. Demon horses galloping.
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